Tech Tip with Tom: Microsoft's Key Tip & Tell Me Search Box

  • 15 September 2020
  • Author: Amber Shay
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Tech Tip with Tom: Microsoft's Key Tip & Tell Me Search Box

Key Tips allow you to find and executive a command on screen by using keystrokes instead of the mouse. Key Tips appear along the ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar when you press the Alt key. The commands on the ribbon use letters and the commands use numbers. If a KeyTip is displayed as a sequence of characters, you press the keys one at time, not at the same time as you would with a keyboard shortcut such as Shift+ Enter.

To turn off KeyTips, press the Alt key again or select any screen element with the mouse.

The Tell Me Search Box allows users to type into a search box to find particular ribbon commands. When you type what you’re looking for in the Tell me what you want to do search box, a menu of matching commands appears. You can select a command to perform it immediate. Even if you don’t know the exact name of the command, Search can still return useful results.

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